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Beginner Combination Classes

2-3 Year Old Creative Movement
3-4 Year Old Beginner Combination
4-5 Year Old Beginner Combination
6-7 Year Old Beginner Combination
8-9-10 Year Old Beginner Combination
Teen Jazz Grades 5-11

Modern Dance Arts promotes fundamental training for young students that includes a Combination Class as the basis of all dance development through the 5th grade or 6th grade.

Beginner Combination Classes are essential for all beginner dancers and are offered for children and teens. The Beginner Combination Class allows the student to experience a fun and easy progression of dance fundamentals. This introduction to the dance class allows the student to easily comprehend the necessary vocabulary, physical skill and strength needed to progress into the intermediate level of class. Each Combination Class consists of three parts, one part Ballet, one part Tap, and one part Creative Movement. Older students will study a form of Pre-Jazz instead of Creative Movement. At Modern Dance Arts we believe that it is important for beginner dancers to gain exposure to all types of dance.


Intermediate and Advanced Levels of Combination Classes

Intermediate Combination Dance I Grades K-1
Intermediate Combination Dance II Grades 1-2
Advanced Combination Dance III Grades 2-3

The Intermediate Combination Classes are offered to students that have successfully completed the beginner level combination classes. These classes also consist of three parts, one part Ballet, one Tap, and one Pre-Jazz or Creative Movement for young students. The Intermediate Combination Class offers the student more challenging skills including sequencing, memorization, and fine motor coordination skills. As the student progresses into the advanced levels of the combination classes, the technical vocabulary becomes more difficult. It is during these years of training in the Combination Classes that the students may choose to add other classes to their weekly schedule. These classes would include Ballet, Hip Hop, and Modern Technique. At Modern Dance Arts we believe that it is important for intermediate dancers to gain exposure to all types of dance.


Jazz Classes

Jazz I Grades 4-6
Jazz II Grades 5-7
Advanced Jazz I By Placement Only
Advanced Jazz II By Placement Only
Jazz Company By Placement Only

Jazz Dance develops isolation movements of specific body parts while incorporating different qualities of movement into choreographed sequences. As a dance form, Jazz has an exciting, vibrant, and dynamic quality that makes it popular among all students. Jazz dance is used for entertainment in theater, movies and the popular music videos. Jazz is also important for students interested in musical theater.


Tap Classes

Tap I Grades 4-6
Tap II Grades 5-7
Advanced Tap Grades 6-12
Tap Company By Placement Only

Tap Dance is a fun way to instill the use of rhythmic patterns, musical counting, and sequential phrasing for students of all dance levels. Younger dancers use Tap skills to memorize sequences of steps through a realization of rhythmic patterns. Beginner and Intermediate students learn to count musical phrases, as well as begin to understand tempo and the importance of staying together as a class. Challenging combinations for the advanced tap dancers further improves coordination. Students wishing to pursue a future in the musical theater field are required to have a strong tap background.


Modern Technique Classes

Fundamentals I Grades 1-3
Fundamentals II Grades 3-6
Fundamentals III Grades 4-7
Advanced Modern I By Placement Only
Advanced Modern II By Placement Only
Modern Company By Placement Only

Modern Dance is based on natural, expressive, and sequential movements. This dance technique was developed in the early 1900’s along with the modern art explosion. Modern Dance expresses individuality and encourages the students to express a broad range of emotions through various qualities of movement. Improvisation, creative movement, and basic technique are all incorporated into our Modern Dance classes.


Ballet Technique Classes

Ballet I Grades 1-3
Ballet II Grades 4-7
Junior Ballet Company I Grades 3-5
Senior Ballet Company II / III Grades 5-9
Senior Ballet Company IV By Placement Only
Pointe III By Placement Only
Advanced Pointe IV By Placement Only

At Modern Dance Arts we believe that ballet is fundamental to all types of dance technique. In Ballet Class emphasis is placed on the technically correct dancer. Correct technical training is stressed to avoid injury in all types of dance classes. Ballet vocabulary, endurance, class etiquette, and discipline are also important aspects of these classes. Ballet Company members must attend twice a week through the entire year. Pointe work is reserved for dancers that have developed the technical and physical strength necessary to dance in pointe shoes.


Beginner Hip Hop and Funk Classes

Hip Hop I Grades 1-3
Hip Hop II Grades 3-5
Funk I Grades 6-8

Advanced Hip Hop and Funk Classes

Intermediate Funk Grades 4-6
Advanced Funk Grades 6-12
Funk Company By Placement Only

Hip Hop and Funk are exciting, pulsating dance forms. These classes develop isolated and free flowing movements of the body using syncopated beats and rhythms to create a high energy, high impact dance form. This intense expression of movement has been developed through the music videos of today. Our Hip Hop classes are for elementary age students and our Funk classes are for Middle and High School age students.


Contemporary Dance Classes

Fundamentals I Grades 1-3
Fundamentals II Grades 3-6
Fundamentals III Grades 4-7
Advanced Contemporary I By Placement Only
Advanced Contemporary II By Placement Only
Contemporary Company By Placement Only

Contemporary Dance is a style of dance that is interested in translating our current day culture. It is a style of dance that is rooted in post-modern techniques, but it is highly influenced by today's art, architecture and technology. It is a dance style that draws from a fusion of multiple dance techniques including modern dance, ballet and jazz.

Contemporary dance is inspired by anything current and utilizes emotional expression through the lyrics of music as well as unstructured, radical and extreme athletic dance movements. Contemporary dance is one of today's dominating creative forces and is spreading around the world due in large part to popular entertainment, such as “So You Think You Can Dance.” Many professional companies and dance institutions have made the dance style a part of their main repertoire.


Leaps, Jumps, and Turns

Intro to Leaps, Jumps, and Turns Grades 4-9
Advanced Leaps, Jumps, and Turns By Placement Only

The Leaps, Jumps, and Turns classes are optional. Their main focus for the student is improving the technically challenging skills needed to perform dance moves that include leaping, jumping and turning. Students enrolling in these classes must also be enrolled in one or more other classes at Modern Dance Arts.


Company Classes

Jazz Company
Modern Company
Senior Ballet Company IV
Funk Company
Contemporary Company
Tap Company

Company level classes are reserved for the dancers at Modern Dance Arts that have achieved the necessary technical and physical strength, as well as the discipline and dedication, required to dance at the most advanced level.

Attendance policies are required for all Advanced and Company Classes.


LogoAdult Classes


Adult Tap

These classes are offered in beginner, intermediate, and advanced levels.

Adult Classes: $18.00 per class

$15.00 one-time registration fee

If you have any questions regarding adult classes, please call us at 405-329-8982

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