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Studio Information

Inclement Weather

If the weather is unfavorable at any part of the year, we will post the status of our classes on our Facebook page by 1:00pm. Because our classes take place later in the evening, Modern Dance Arts does not always fully adhere to NPS closing decisions concerning inclement weather. The status of our classes may also be found on our studio answering machine after 1:00pm for the days in question.


Each student at Modern Dance Arts is carefully placed into his/her own level of ability and instructed in an encouraging atmosphere. In each class, individual attention is given to the growth and potential of every student. Placement or advancement into each class level is based solely on the student’s own ability and progress. Except for beginning level classes, placement is not decided by the age of the student or the number of years he/she has studied dance. Placement in the intermediate level class is by instructor only. New students wishing to attend Modern Dance Arts for advanced study, must audition for placement in all dance classes.

Dance Attire For All Students

Going to dance class is a very special event each week! It is something that every dancer looks forward to doing. Getting ready for dance class is just as important as participating; it is part of the “discipline” of being a dancer! At Modern Dance Arts, we take pride in the way our dancers look and participate while in class. Therefore, all dancers are required to wear correct dance clothing to each of their classes. Please call the studio for more information on specific attire for each class.

Dance Class Etiquette


All dancers are expected to attend all of their classes. Please call in advance if a class is to be missed.


Each dancer should have their own dance bag to put their shoes and other belongings into during class time.


All dancers should have their name on each pair of dance shoes as well as their dance bag.


Dancers should not wear their “dance outfit” outside the dance studio. Please wear a cover up to class.


The dancer should come in and watch class until the instructor invites them to join.


The dancer should inform the instructor at the beginning of class if they plan to leave early.


Only water bottles are allowed in the classrooms.


Dancers should bring something to do while they are waiting between classes. The wait areas should be respected as quiet zones as the noise can interrupt the classes in the dance studios. Young children are expected to be monitored by the parents in the waiting areas. Parents may not leave children under the age of 10 unattended in the studio wait areas.


Modern Dance Arts conducts two performances per year. The first performance, called the Works In Progress Performance, is held at Modern Dance Arts at the end of January. The formal year-end concert is a fully staged production at the end of May at Oklahoma City Community College Performing Arts Center Theatre.

Parents Watch Week

We feel that it is good for both the parents and the students to have observation days throughout the year. It is not our intention that a parent ever feel unwelcome at our school however, it is difficult for many students to concentrate and relax while trying to adjust to a new learning experience in front of an ever present audience. While parents are not allowed to watch regular class time, they are urged to come and watch their child’s development in the special weeks called “Parents Watch Week.” We have two sessions of Parents Watch Week. Parents and students will be notified in advance prior to the Watch Weeks in the fall and spring semesters.